15 April 2014

Spruce Summer Picnic Party

Last Saturday, I was invited to an afternoon summer picnic party hosted by Spruce. I was so hyped up when I got the invite because, come on...

12 April 2014

Modern Alice

Modern Alice was the theme during the brunch we had at Missy Bon Bon. It's a good pick especially that Easter Sunday is fast approaching (although I do not actually know the reason why rabbits are associated with Easter, can someone please enlighten me?). 

10 April 2014

Brunch at Missy Bon Bon

Last week, I was invited to have #BrunchatMissyBonBon (at 4pm), along with other friends and new acquaintances. It was a delight to have been invited to such an event because, I just recently earned my college degree and the "brunch" kind of acted like a celebratory meal with other blogger friends. I also met new ones!

31 March 2014

March Monthly Faves

It's time for another Monthly Faves post! Wow! I was able to update this 3 months in a row. I'm starting to get used to this!